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222 Canal Street
Chicago, IL

In this project, the DAE Group had the task of creating schematic designs for a rooftop located in downtown Chicago. Over a span of a few months, the team worked on four different versions of the design, all aimed at making it more cost-effective as per the client's request. The initial design was unique but came with a hefty price tag of almost $500,000. As the project progressed, the team managed to refine the design, and by the time they reached the fourth and final version, they had successfully brought down the cost to $95,000. This wasn't an easy feat, especially since the client wanted to maintain the same overall look as the original design. To make it work, the team swapped out some custom elements for ready-made ones and chose more affordable materials instead of expensive ones. The end result was a design that still looked great and was much more affordable for the client.

Park Gateway Townhomes
Hanover Park, IL

In a collaborative effort, the DAE Group and Storehouse Developments embarked on an exciting journey. DAE Group began by crafting a prototype townhouse, which then evolved into a captivating 80-unit townhome complex nestled in the heart of downtown Hanover Park. The primary goal was to infuse the area with a contemporary, vibrant spirit, catering to a younger demographic, all while cultivating a close-knit communal ambiance. By meticulously aligning the design with local regulations, they seamlessly integrated upscale touches into the layout. As a result, this development not only injects a modern flair into the downtown landscape but also fosters the warm familiarity of a bustling main street, reinvigorating the essence of Hanover Park.

Wyndham Garden Hotel
Bedford Park, IL

In this project, the DAE Group collaborated with a development team to tackle some unique challenges. They had to adjust the standard design of the Wyndham hotel to fit a small site, and at the same time, they needed to create a retail storefront that matched the hotel's appearance. A request came from the city of Bedford Park, they wanted an indoor pool added to the hotel even though it wasn't part of the usual Wyndham hotel design. This gave the team a chance to not only redesign the pool area for this location but also come up with a new design that could be used by other Wyndham hotels. It was a complex project that showcased the DAE Group's flexibility and innovation in finding solutions.

955 W Dundee Road
Arlington Heights, IL

In this particular project, the DAE Group was tasked with a fascinating challenge: they needed to transform a long-abandoned children's entertainment facility into a modern car dealership that exudes both the excitement of racing and the sophisticated charm of European design. The team had to breathe new life into the old bones of the building and create a design that would immediately grab the attention of potential customers. They skillfully carried elements of the striking exterior design into the interior, establishing a seamless visual connection that guides visitors through a captivating journey. To enhance the allure, the interior space was bathed in natural light streaming through generous windows, which not only highlighted the showcased vehicles but also created an inviting ambiance that could be seen from outside, captivating the interest of passersby. In essence, the DAE Group's efforts didn't just yield a conventional car dealership; they crafted a magnetizing space that beckons individuals to explore the world of automobiles within its enticing embrace.

Firehouse Renovation
River Grove, IL

In this special project, DAE Group had the opportunity to work in one of the partner's hometown on renovating an old firehouse with a rich history. The building itself is over 125 years old, originally, this building served as the town's first village hall and courthouse before being turned into a firehouse. Over time, it had two expansions – one in the 70s and another in the 90s. However, despite these changes, the firehouse's layout never really met the needs of the fire department, even though space was added. This is where DAE Group came in.

During the latest renovation, DAE Group not only added a new floor above the engine bays but completely redesigned the whole building to match the fire department's requirements. Working closely with the village and fire department, they managed to create a modern and functional space while preserving the building's historic charm. The result was a renovation that not only looked great but also worked better for the fire department's operations.

Old Irving Park Community Clinic
Chicago, IL

The DAE Group undertook a significant project that involved a complete overhaul of the interior of an existing community clinic. This clinic has a specific mission: to provide healthcare services to those in need who lacked proper insurance coverage. The budget for this venture was exceptionally tight due to the nature of their clientele. To facilitate this transformation, the clinic secured grant funding, which became instrumental in executing their vision. Our task extended beyond aesthetics; we were entrusted with vital building upgrades that the clinic urgently required. A delicate balance was struck between modernizing the clinic's appearance and addressing its functional needs. Resourcefulness took center stage, as the team implemented a strategy of value engineering to ensure that cost-effective materials and construction methods were used to meet the design and logistical objectives of the clients. Through their astute decision-making, we succeeded in breathing new life into the clinic's environment, delivering a space that was both visually appealing and operationally enhanced.

Single Family Home
Northbrook, IL

In this project, DAE Group stepped in to revamp the inside of a single family home they didn't originally design. The client came to them after having a falling out with the previous architect who left in the middle of getting the necessary building permits. DAE Group not only helped the client secure the permits but also guided them through the construction phase, assisting with all the necessary construction work. It's a story of teamwork and dedication that shows DAE Group's ability to find solutions and offer strong support when things get tough.

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