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Patrick Krajecki, a seasoned architectural designer of two decades, serves as the Principal of Design at DAE Group, Inc. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, townhomes, car wash facilities, prototyping, and furniture design.

With a background in Advertising Art and Computer Design, Patrick combines artistic vision with technical expertise to create both visually stunning and highly functional spaces. He holds multiple certifications in design software, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Patrick's excellence has earned him Retail Design awards, highlighting his commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions. He continues to shape the field with his innovative and passionate approach.

Principal of Design


Juan Gonzalez, the Principal of Architecture at DAE Group, Inc., brings a wealth of knowledge and international perspective to the field. His journey in architecture began with a bachelor's degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Juan's passion for architectural innovation led him to a transformative experience abroad. He immersed himself in a study abroad program in Paris, where he had the privilege of learning from some of Europe's most renowned architects. This exposure to different design philosophies and cultural influences greatly shaped his architectural vision.

Back in the United States, Juan Gonzalez found an invaluable mentor in Gerry Horn, the founder and principal of Holabird & Root. Under Gerry's guidance, Juan honed his skills and refined his understanding of architectural principles, further fueling his passion for the craft.

Today, as the Principal of Architecture at DAE Group, Inc., Juan Gonzalez brings together his diverse educational background, international experience, and the wisdom gained from mentors like Gerry Horn. His work reflects a fusion of creativity, cultural appreciation, and a deep respect for architectural traditions, making him a prominent figure in the architectural landscape.

Principal of Architecture


Kiril Ivanov is an esteemed architectural professional with over two decades of experience, currently serving as the Principal of Engineering at DAE Group, Inc. His extensive knowledge and innovative approach have made him a standout figure in the industry.

A licensed architect, Kiril holds a wealth of expertise in architectural design and engineering, bringing a unique perspective to his role. His journey began with academic excellence, earning both bachelor's and master's degrees from the renowned Illinois Institute of Technology.

Kiril's dedication to the field extends beyond his professional role. He is also a respected professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he imparts his wisdom by teaching several classes in the architecture and engineering disciplines. His commitment to education and mentorship further underscores his passion for fostering the next generation of architects and engineers.

Principal of Engineering

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